ecommerce project
  IWM (Instant Web Meeting)
Client Name/ Place : UK
Technology Used : PHP/ Flash
Team Size : 2 Web Developer, 1 UI designer, 1 QA
Solution : Payment Gateway Integration
Description :

This project have concept of Host admin who can create projects and manage different users according to project. Host admin will allowed to send invitation to users to whom he want to join that project. Through this the user can get in conference with 8 user at a time with live audio video support. We have shared whiteboard, Slide Show, File sharing, Desktop Sharing, Colander, Google Locater, Google Docs, VOIP, Quiz Builder and lot of other support which will be viewed by all the eight users at a time. Super Admin is allowed to add Dynamic FMS server to the meetings and they will automatically shift the users according to the load of the room, Users have the facility to join another user with the help of VOIP. We have live RSS feeds to provide to all the eight users.

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Request for Quote
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