ecommerce project
Client Name/ Place : Trond/ Norway
Technology Used : 2.0, C#, Sql server 2008, Flash
Team Size : 4
Solution : Payment Gateway Integration
Additional Info : AJAX, Javascript, FMS, Dynamic Conversion of Doc. to Image
Description :

Interwix portal is a ready-to-use, highly customizable .NET portal system developed in C# using and database engine (MS SQL server). It facilitates organizations or business owners to set up and manage a portal/website without any knowledge of programming. It can be used as an Internet, Intranet or extranet solution. Interwix portal offers a unique Control Panel where administrator can set up virtual pages. The pages are then filled with controls (building blocks) from a large collection of controls that is part of the standard delivery. Each control has its own settings and can be assigned one or multiple groups. The finished web page can offer information to public users and additional information to users that are logged in.

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Request for Quote
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