ecommerce project
  JJ Cole
Technology Used : Drupal 5.0 (PHP, MySQL, Jquery)
Domain : Utility
Solution : Shopping Cart
Description :

JJ COLE Collections site is an online information provider that provides information to customers who are interested in buying the commodities that are used by New born babies/infants with a huge collection of products for them with a vast data base of Stores from where they could be purchased.

JJ Cole Store Locator Module – This Module makes it very easy for the website viewers to locate the best store from where the shopping could be done for their infants. This is basically targeted on the online retailers, Canadian retailers and the Canadian online retailers. Apart of that it has a Zip code search functionality we just have Key in the Zip code of any city in US and the site would tell us the 10 nearest Stores in the Radius of a few K.M. from where the shopping could be done by providing the complete address and phone number from the Data base of JJ Cole.

    Feature List

  • 1. Built different content types.
  • Installed ubercart shopping module.
  • Store locator module to locate the best store.
  • Created a search for different stores using zip code which will locate 10 nearest stores with the complete information from db.
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