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  Phylum- Drupal Website
Client Name/ Place : Christian West/ Utah – USA
Technology Used : Drupal (PHP, Mysql)
Team Size : 1
Domain : Design/ Nature
Solution : Shopping Cart
Description :

Phylum Design is a full service design studio and art consulting firm searching to achieve this nirvana by offering exceptional works of art inspired by the simple beauty of nature.

Cron Mailing Module – The module sends an Invoice Email to the Artists (the one who have created the products on the Website) about details of a particular order that have been placed on the by the User/Buyer. The User/Buyer can add the products made by different Artist in his Shopping cart (Uber cart) and place an order, when the Cron runs this module then Emails to all the Artists who are involved in the Order (as they have created the products being purchased), the Email contain Artist specific information i.e. an email to a specific artist will only have the details of products that the artist have made himself/herself even though the order can have different products created by different artists registered on the site. The module basically works with Uber cart installed on Drupal.

Uber cart Products Search Module – This module provides a page where in the User can enter search criteria to search the Products that he is interested in buying from the website. The module searches the products on the Website depending upon the various search parameters that are keyed in by the User/Buyer to make the search more specific and they are – Keyword, Product Category (Drop Down List box), Price Range (Drop Down List box), Physical dimensions of the Product (Drop Down List box), Dimension Range of the Product (Drop Down List box) and availability of the products. The Search Module uses the Index tables of Drupal and displays the entire products that matched these criteria on the same page just below the search box; hence the User/Buyer can change the search criteria without having to navigate for a New Search to be made.

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