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  ShowoffSports Website
Client Name/ Place : Bishop Good/ Honolulu
Technology Used : Dolphin Community Builder (PHP, Mysql)
Team Size : 2
Solution : Payment Gateway Integration
Additional Info :

We have made many administrative module in the admin section for Dolphin CMS for maintaining the user, their friends , storage package management, package management, pay pal integration and many other features.

Description :

Showoff Sports is a sports and multimedia focused social networking website developed in Dolphin CMS. Show off sports was started to allow Players, Teams, Leagues, Events, Organizers, Family and Friends to be able to creatively and expressively make their sports be more fun.

Storage Space Package Purchase/Storage Account Section – At showoff sports website when the user registers himself/herself he/she gets a predefined Max storage capacity (set by the admin) which he/she can use to upload the multimedia content after logging in. The user can purchase extra storage capacity on the website if users need more of it. Whenever the user uploads any multimedia content the storage space which is owned by him gets deducted and vice versa. The Storage space purchase section has both the PayPal pro and Simple PayPal integrated with it, and the storage space is provided for a specific time limit as 1 month to 1 year to the user, which is deactivated after that period after sending an email to the user 5 days before the deactivation.

Customized User Search Section/User Registration Section - This section is developed so that the User can search the users with respect to Team, League, country, city and Sport in which they are interested in.

Team and League Management Section – A registered Member can create/edit a Team, the team creator can then invite other users to join the Team, upload multimedia that would belong to that team, and email to all the members of the Team at a time, send a Friend Request to all the member of a Team, the Google map displays the Team location on the Map along with it the Team events can also be added and edited with their location also shown on the Google map. In the similar way a collection of teams form a league, a registered user can also create a League and then invite other teams to join their league, here also there is a League events add/edit functionality and Google maps for showing the event locations.

Admin Friend Management Section – This Admin module facilitates the Admin to have a control over the add as a friend requests on the websites and admin can also make the member friend of other member or deny the friend ship of the members as this section is build to do.

Admin Storage Management section – This Admin module facilitates the Admin to have a view at what is the current Storage Capacity used by different members on the website and what is the max storage capacity that are allowed to them depending upon the storage package being purchased by then.

Admin Package Management Section – This Admin module facilitates the Admin to Create/Edit Storage Packages which are displayed on the User section and the Registered User can buy them after paying to PayPal for the Website. Admin can view/edit the package name, package price, Package storage capacity in KB, MB or GB; activate status, Duration of package etc.

Admin Package/User Management Section – This Admin module facilitates the Admin to view the Members and all the packages that they have purchased on the site, here the Admin can find the Amount of money earned by the Site in any specific time duration along with a list that display the user name with the package that they have purchased the date of purchasing, when they would expire and package type etc, and many other things on the website.

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