ecommerce project
  Signs of Greatness
Technology Used : CDN Custom Framework (PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Jquery)
Solution : Shopping Cart
Description :

This website is basically an idea selling website, A user can come up with his idea on the whiteboard section of the website and then the idea will be rated by other users of the site. After getting fair enough positive votes the idea owner can start his project with the same idea and can introduce the initial shares of project in to the ICO (Initial Community Offering) section of idea market where request for this shares can be ask by other users of the site. After making a successful ICO in a define time the project shares can be eligible to get trading in to the “Buy/Sell Market” section of website. Trading of shares started with the virtual money of the site. There is also some other features which makes this application rich like forum, communities, solutions etc. user can join any community and make friends and discuss about his idea and solutions as well.

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Request for Quote
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